The Power of OOH Advertising: The Trend of Modern Ad 2023

In 2023, ever-evolving science and technology will have pushed the advertising platform to a new level. Not only the usual ads but also a new type of advertising called OOH advertising.

This is a completely new form of advertising today and provides extremely good support for the marketing campaigns of brands.  So do you know all about this new type of advertising? If not, please join us to learn about it.

I. What does “OOH advertising” mean?

OOH advertising is also called out-of-home advertising or outdoor advertising. This ad is always deployed outside the house, on the street. Including types such as billboards, wallscapes, digital out-of-home advertising, and posters.

OOH advertising formats are classified into four main categories: billboards, transit, street furniture, and alternative advertising.

Outdoor advertising is very prevalent today. Appears everywhere in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. With four main types of outdoor advertising, it is guaranteed to support brands in successfully reaching customers outside of the home in each marketing campaign.

So what is the power that OOH brings to brands and advertising in the future? Stay tuned for the next installment.

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II. What is the point of outdoor advertising?

The common point of outdoor advertising

So, what are the basic characteristics of OOH advertising? Here are some outstanding features of this type of advertising that you need to know:

  • Content: Usually contains simple, easy-to-remember, easy-to-understand messages, helping viewers not spend too much time grasping.
  • Appearance: Colors and images are eye-catching, vivid, creative, and highly realistic.
  • Diversity: Shown in both media (outdoor billboards, outdoor banners, outdoor advertising panels, advertising billboards, outdoor advertising light boxes, …) to features (images) 2D, 3D,…) and locations (public buildings, high-rise buildings,…).
  • Space: Are open, unrestricted spaces such as highways; sidewalks, pedestrian zones; parks, flower gardens;…
  • Value: Mainly helps to increase brand awareness, increase sales, and profit by stimulating customers’ interest and impression of products and services.
  • Specific requirements: The implementer needs to be registered with the government that manages the area where the ad is located.

III. Types of OOH advertising

In the previous section, four main types of outdoor advertising were mentioned. That includes billboard ads, transit, street furniture, and alternative advertising. Let’s dive into each type so that brands can make the right choice for their marketing campaign in VietNam.

1. Billboard advertising

Billboard advertising

Billboard advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that involves placing large, eye-catching advertisements on billboards, which are typically located in high-traffic areas such as highways, busy streets, and public transportation hubs. The goal of billboard advertising is to capture the attention of passersby, communicate a message, or promote a product or service.

Billboard advertisements can take many forms, such as static or digital displays, posters, or banners. They can also vary in size, from small posters to massive digital billboards that cover entire buildings. Billboard advertising is often used by businesses and organizations to create brand awareness, generate interest in a new product or service, or drive traffic to a website or physical location.

  • Advantage

One of the advantages of billboard advertising is that it can reach a large audience in a short amount of time, as people are often exposed to billboards while commuting or running errands. 

  • Disadvantage

It can also be expensive, and the effectiveness of a billboard advertisement depends on factors such as its location, design, and messaging.

2. Transit OOH advertising

Bus advertising

Transit advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that involves placing advertisements on various modes of public transportation, such as buses, trains, subway cars, and taxis. The goal of transit advertising is to reach a large audience of commuters and travelers as they move through urban areas.

Transit OOH advertising can take many forms, from simple posters or decals on the exterior or interior of a vehicle to full wraps that cover the entire vehicle. Advertisers can also use digital displays to showcase dynamic content that changes over time. Transit advertising can target specific geographic areas, demographics, or times of day, depending on the advertiser’s goals.

Transit ad helps to reach customers on every route
  • Advantage

One of the advantages of transit advertising is that it can reach a captive audience of commuters who may be more receptive to advertising messages while they are traveling. It can also be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, as transit vehicles travel through busy areas and can be seen by thousands of people each day. 

  • Adverse

Transit advertising depends on factors such as the location of the vehicle, the quality of the advertisement, and the relevance of the message to the audience.

3. Street furniture

Steet furniture out-of-home ad – Bus shelter

OOH advertising also includes street furniture advertising. It involves placing advertisements on various pieces of street furniture, such as benches, bus shelters, kiosks, trash cans, and public restrooms. The aim of this advertising is to reach a localized audience in urban areas where people spend time outdoors.

Street furniture advertising can take many forms, from simple posters or decals on benches or bus shelters to interactive displays or digital screens that provide real-time information or entertainment. Advertisers can also use 3D sculptures or other creative elements to make their advertisements stand out. Street furniture advertising can target specific geographic areas, demographics, or times of day, depending on the advertiser’s goals.

Bus shelter
  • The advantage of street furniture advertising

It can reach a captive audience of people who are already in a specific area and may be more receptive to advertising messages while they are outside. It can also be a cost-effective way to reach a localized audience, as street furniture is typically seen by people who live or work in the area. 

  • Adverse

However, the effectiveness of street furniture advertising depends on factors such as the location of the street furniture, the quality of the advertisement, and the relevance of the message to the audience.

4. Alternative OOH advertising

Alternative advertising in Stadium

Alternative OOH advertising refers to non-traditional forms of out-of-home advertising that use unconventional methods to reach a target audience. These methods can be creative, interactive, and attention-grabbing, often relying on unique placements or unexpected materials to create a memorable impression.

Gas Station
  • The aim of Alternative Advertising

The goal of alternative outdoor advertising is to create a buzz and generate attention for a brand or message in a way that traditional outdoor advertising may not be able to achieve. By using unexpected materials, placements, or methods, alternative outdoor advertising can create a memorable experience for consumers that helps build brand awareness and engagement.

  • Adverse

However, the success of alternative outdoor advertising campaigns depends on a variety of factors, such as the creativity and relevance of the campaign, the target audience, and the overall marketing strategy of the brand.

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IV. Benefits of out-of-home advertising

For businesses and organizations looking to promote their products, services, or messages, OOH advertising has several advantages. Some of the primary advantages of outdoor advertising include:

1. Wide reach

Out-of-home advertising can reach a large audience of people who are out and about in public spaces, such as commuters, pedestrians, and drivers. This makes it an effective way to generate brand awareness and promote products or services to a broad audience.

2. OOH advertising gives high visibility.

This type of ad can reach viewers in highly visible locations, such as busy streets, highways, or popular tourist destinations, where it can capture the attention of passersby and create a lasting impression.

3. Targeted messaging

It can be targeted at specific geographic areas or demographics, allowing businesses to focus their messaging on the audiences that are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

4. Cost-effective for OOH advertising

Depending on the size and placement of the advertisement, outdoor advertising can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. For example, a billboard or bus shelter advertisement can be seen by thousands of people each day, making it a relatively low-cost way to generate brand awareness.

5. Flexibility

Outdoor advertising appears on highways and byways

Outdoor advertising can take many forms, from traditional billboards and posters to digital displays and interactive installations. This allows businesses to choose the format that best suits their campaign and target customers.

6. 24/7 exposure

Unlike other forms of advertising that are limited to specific times of day, outdoor advertising is visible 24/7, providing continuous exposure for a brand or message.

7. OOH advertising is a tool to support marketing campaigns

Brands can combine outdoor advertising activities with other marketing activities to achieve effective communication. To improve the efficiency with which customers are reached by promoting products, services, and brands.

V. Who should use OOH advertising?

OOH advertising users can be any business, organization, or individual in Vietnam who wishes to promote the brand to consumers. The objects that should use outdoor advertising include:

  • Local businesses

Small businesses that cater to a local audience can benefit from outdoor advertising to increase their brand visibility and attract new customers.

  • National brands use OOH advertising

Large national or international brands can use out-of-home advertising to reinforce brand awareness and promote specific products or services.

  • Non-profit organizations

OOH advertising is a useful tool for nonprofit organizations to spread awareness of their mission and entice supporters to give or participate.

DOOH Advertising
  • Government organizations

Government agencies can use out-of-home media to spread vital information to the populace, like warnings about public safety, health updates, or election-related news.

  • Event organizers

Event organizers can use outdoor advertising to promote and increase attendance at events such as festivals, concerts, and sporting events.

  • OOH for Individuals

Individuals can use outdoor advertising to promote personal events like weddings or to share a personal message with a larger audience.

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VI. How to have an effective outdoor advertising strategy?

A successful outdoor advertising strategy entails several key steps. Consider the following best practices:

1. Define your target customers in the OOH advertising campaign

Identify the key demographic or geographic audience that you want to reach with your outdoor advertising campaign. This will help you choose the most appropriate locations and formats for your ads.

2. Create a clear message for the outdoor ad

Create a clear and concise message that communicates the benefits of your product or service. Your message should be easy to read, understand, and memorable.

3. Choose the right locations for OOH advertising

Choose locations that are visible to your target audience and that are consistent with your brand. Consider factors such as traffic patterns, foot traffic, and the proximity of other businesses or attractions.

4. Use eye-catching visuals

OOH advertising eyes-catching

Use bold colors, high-quality images, and creative designs to capture the attention of your audience. Make sure your visuals are in line with your message and brand.

5. Consider the format of OOH advertising

Out-of-home advertising can take many forms, such as billboards, bus shelters, or digital displays. Consider which format will be most effective for your message and audience.

6. Surrounding space

Make sure there are no obstacles in the area around the outdoor billboard. Alternatively, there should not be too many billboards for competing brands. Because this will distract the attention of passersby and not effectively reach customers.

7. Measure your results

Track the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising campaign by monitoring key metrics such as impressions, click-through rates, and sales. Use this data to improve upcoming campaigns and adjust your strategy.

8. Integrate with other marketing channels

To maximize the impact of your outdoor advertising, integrate it with other marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, or print advertising.

VII. How does measure the effectiveness of OOH advertising

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. Here are some typical data points to consider:

  • Impressions: That is the number of people who can see your ad. You can estimate the number of impressions by calculating the average daily traffic or foot traffic in the area where your ad is located.
  • Reach: The percentage of your target customers that have been exposed to your ad. Depending on the demographic profile of the people who are most likely to see your ads, such as their age, gender, or interests,
  • Engagement: The level of interaction or response that your ad generates Measuring engagement involves tracking the number of clicks, calls, or website visits that result from your ad.
  • Sales: The number of products or services that are sold as a result of your ad. Tracking sales by analyzing your sales data before and after your ad campaign.
  • Brand awareness: Measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising based on the level of familiarity that people have with your brand. Conducting surveys or focus groups to determine how well people recall your brand after seeing your advertisement.
  • Social media mentions: The frequency with which people mention your brand or ad on social media. Tracking by monitoring hashtags or using social media listening tools.

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VIII. Why out-of-home advertising is important in marketing campaigns?

The importance of outdoor advertising

Out-of-home advertising is important in a marketing campaign for several reasons:

  • Reaches a large audience outside of their homes. This can be an effective way to build brand awareness and promote products or services to a broad audience.
  • OOH advertising can target customers in specific geographic areas or demographics by focusing on messaging in products or services.
  • Out-of-home advertising can complement other marketing channels to create a cohesive marketing strategy that reaches customers across multiple touchpoints.
  • This is an effective way to build brand awareness and create a memorable and impactful message that resonates with the target audience.
  • Outdoor advertising is designed to capture the attention of people outside the house. By using bold colors, high-quality images, and creative designs, OOH ads can create a lasting impression with potential customers.
  • OOH ads can be interactive and engaging, using technologies such as augmented reality or QR codes to create a more immersive experience for consumers. This can help increase engagement and drive results for businesses.

Overall, OOH advertising is an important element of a marketing campaign because it allows businesses to reach a large and diverse audience, build brand awareness, and engage consumers in a cost-effective manner. By carefully planning and executing an outdoor advertising campaign, businesses can maximize the impact of their marketing efforts and drive results for their business.

IX. Price list for outdoor advertising in 2023

To provide a price list when using outdoor advertising services in Vietnam. Foreign businesses can refer to the price for each type of advertisement, such as:

Form of outdoor advertising



20,000 – 100,000 USD/location/year

Transit on the bus

500 – 5,000 USD/vehicle/1 months

Transit on the taxi or private vehicle

25 USD – 200 USD/vehicle/month

Street furniture

5,000 – 10,000 USD/location/year

Alternative poster

15,000 – 30,000 USD/location/month

Alternative DOOH

8,000 – 25,000 USD/location/month

Note: The above prices are for reference only; If you have any questions, please contact the supplier directly.

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X. Prestigious and professional OOH advertising company in Vietnam 2023

Nam Long Advertising – A prestigious and professional OOH advertising company in Vietnam

It is not only the design of the billboard that determines the success of an advertising campaign but also the company that provides the service. That is why brands must be chosen carefully.

Nam Long Advertising is one of the most reputable and professional OOH advertising companies today. With years of experience and a team of experts, Nam Long Advertising has been trusted by many well-known brands to deliver effective advertising campaigns. In comparison to other businesses in the sector, they stand out for their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Customers who visit Nam Long Advertising also benefit from the following:

  • Various forms of outdoor advertising, such as billboards, DOOHs, buses, taxis, and private vehicles.
  • Advertising positions spread throughout Vietnam. Help brands choose “prime locations” for their advertising campaigns.
  • Enthusiastic and professional support team helps complete outdoor billboards quickly and safely.
  • Nam Long also offers beautiful advertising locations in the airport. High traffic density helps you effectively advertise your brand and products to customers.

Nam Long Advertising will provide support from consulting to campaign implementation and product warranty if you have no idea how or where to begin an advertising campaign.

Get the most recent assistance and quotes by contacting us right away!

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